Fer BR, tech house music producer from Spain, chats with us today about his new EP, W3LCOME, that was just released on Dirtybird. We learn how the EP came about, who and what inspired each track on the EP, and why he chose to release this EP on Dirtybird, which is his first EP on the label. We also got a chance to ask some more personal questions, like what he has been up to during the lockdown in Spain, and if he has any exciting plans for the future that his fans should be looking forward to.

As Fer BR released W3LCOME, his first EP on Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird, he’s been up to many other musical projects during quarantine. In May, Fer BR had a release on VonStroke’s exclusive platform, Birdfeed. Fer BR has been keeping himself and his fans entertained with exclusive livestreams on his Facebook, and also played a set on Fuse Record’s Safe and Sound. Fer BR just released a remix for ‘Zoana’ by Phil Fuldner and Ian Pooley in June. Fer BR cannot wait to play livesets in front of crowds again, but for now he has more music to look out for, as well as an LP! Read to find out what else he has planned for the future.


Hi Fer BR – let’s start with a simple one: why tech house? What draws you to this style of dance music the most?

The truth is that when I make music I don’t think if it will be tech house or techno. Lately, I’m between two waters. Sometimes things that I think are tech house are classified as Techno Peak time, and vice versa.

You were a bit of a protégé of Paco Osuna. Can you talk a bit more about how your relationship with him started, and how changed your career for the good?

Paco has been a very important person in my career, he has taught me a lot as a DJ, and also as a producer. He has helped me to believe more in myself and my skills. With Paco, it all started when he played a lot of music that I was editing at that time. One day after seeing him live in a club near my city, I was lucky to be able to go up to the DJ booth when he was playing one of my tracks. I introduced myself and he was very surprised because he thought I was an artist from South America, he gave me his email and in a few days I had already signed my first EP in Mindshake. About 8 years have passed since then, in which a great friendship and common projects have emerged, such as our new aka Project00.

Do you believe as a newer artist, is it more beneficial to A) align yourself exclusively with a specific artist/label at first, or B) should you be trying to sign with as many labels as possible? Why is strategy A or strategy B more useful in the long term?

I think “A” is my choice mixed with some selected releases in certain labels or have a nice relation with 2/3 labels, and be faithful. I choose to release quality instead quantity. I see so many artists releasing so much lately and using similar formulas, fans can get bored so fast from doing that.

What were some big plans you had in the works before lockdown, and how have these changed? In what ways have you been able to adapt as an artist during this time? And do you see a brighter future soon?

I had a few gigs planned for Ibiza, and a few festivals, now all it’s gone. It seems that some good news has appeared recently in terms of playing gigs. At the beginning of this pandemic, I was very active by doing live streams, but as the days passed my motivation fell apart. We are going to see how all of this evolves, if by Autumn outdoor parties cannot be held, it is profitable to have club parties, that’s the key.

Artists have many different motivators and inspirations for their work; some like to use nature to get inspiration, while some will create a song with a specific club dance floor in mind. Where does your inspiration come from, and what motivates you most to create dance music?

What motivates me the most is playing live, when I come back from a good weekend of gigs my motivation is 100% and I lock myself in the studio. Right now, I’m having a hard time finding it a little more but things seem to be working again in the studio. I had a little creative crisis during the lockdown, but spending time with my girlfriend, family, and friends helps me to disconnect and come back full of energy to work again.

On that note, your ‘W3lcome’ EP just came out on DIRTYBIRD. What’s the significance of each track to you in the EP? Tell us about how it came together and what inspired them?

I made this EP before lockdown. I was very motivated and inspired because I really wanted to sign on Dirtybird so I finished it fast. ‘W3lcome’, the main track, has a very nice message on it, everything changes with the bassline, then everything comes back together. I think it’s one of my best works lately. ‘Caleidoscope’ is a sound that used to do more in the past, like on my track ‘It’s in my brain’, that was released on Mindshake a few years ago, I thought I could fit it in DirtyBird.

DIRTYBIRD feels like quite a different label sonically than other labels you’ve signed on (like TrueSoul, for example). What made you want to sign records with them, and what do you like most about the label?

I like labels with strong personalities, for me Dirtybird is similar to Mindshake Records from Paco Osuna, both have a unique sound in which luckily I think I fit perfectly because both labels love fat basslines and weird shit to blow your mind. I feel very lucky to be able to work with labels like them.

Anything else you’d like to tell the readers? Big plans, etc?

Expect so much music from my side, I have an LP coming in October on Mindshake Records, a few remixes, and probably an EP by the end of the year if inspiration is still with me.