Torsten Kanzler is back and stronger than ever with his newest EP ‘Close Your Eyes’, releasing May 10th via Better With You Music.

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, the legendary DJ and producer has been an major driving force in the Techno scene for more than two decades. With his powerful and emotional style, Torsten Kanzler has been at the forefront of innovation regarding all things Techno. He continues to shape the genre with unwavering commitment and passion.

With a label, TK Records, under his wing and countless EPs and Sets released, ‘Der Kanzler‘ (ger: chancellor) pushes boundaries time and time again and has earned his status as one of Germanys leading Techno forces.

Known especially for his intricate and awe-inspiring live-sets, in which he expertly interacts with his audience to take them on an unforgettably journey, Torsten Kanzler has set high standards for himself and his releases alike.

With ‘Close Your Eyes’ Torsten Kanzler delivers on those standards in full force. The bashing drumtrack holds a tight grip on listeners right from the start. Like a faint memory of the last rave, a vocal loop slowly creeps in, becoming ever clearer, but ever staying a shuddered memory throughout the track. When the synths kick in though, ‘Close Your Eyes’ unfolds his true power and beckons you to close your eyes, hold your breath and fall into the deep dark void at the heart of ‘Close Your Eyes’ Main Part.

After the Break ‘Close Your Eyes’ is an all-out rave fest.

This is Techno at its finest. This is what Torsten Kanzler delivers time and time again.

‘Close Your Eyes’ is out now on all major streaming platforms!


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