Germany’s own Ozzy Riot and Mark Stanton have teamed up for their latest Peaktime Techno opus ‘All You’ve Got’, releasing April 12, via Mainground Music. The German duo’s new track commands you to literally give all you’ve got with a throbbing bass and mighty synths that capture your senses in a breathtaking Techno revelation teeming with energy.

Pulling you in from the get-go are ‘All You’ve Got’s pounding drums. Combining their creativity and drive, Mark Stanton and Ozzy Riot have created a Peaktime masterpiece that is sure to set dance floors around the globe ablaze all throughout 2024 and beyond. With powerful vocals towering over the equally driving synth maelstrom that is ‘All You’ve Got’s instrumental core, the track launches listeners into an otherworldly journey. By giving your all to this show of Techno force, freeing your soul of its earthly confines, reaching a higher state of consciousness is guaranteed.

‘All You’ve Got’ is a club anthem in every sense of the word. Fusing Melodic elements with full-blown rave energy catapults your (listening) experience to new heights, while shining brilliantly with a grounding heart of Warehouse Techno. ‘All You’ve Got’ is a universe of its own for Peaktime afficionados and newcomers alike.

Mark Stanton and Ozzy Riot have cooked up a true masterpiece. The resident and respective head of Hamburg’s ‘Anomalie’-events have combined their producing prowess in epic fashion and one can only hope that this will not be their last combined effort. High energy musical bliss is guaranteed.

All You’ve Got’ is out now on all major streaming plattforms & Beatport.

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