French multi-talented Melodic Techno DJ and Producer GONE proudly presents his newest single ‘Lies’, dropping March 29, via Enchanté Records.

Recording 6 Million Streams on his first EP ‘Sources‘, GONE has already cemented his status as a highly sought-after emerging electronic artist. His follow up six-track EP ‘Meteor’ on which ‘Lies’ will be included, aims to pick up where ‘Sources’ left off and listening to ‘Lies’ there can be no doubt that GONE will achieve another milestone in 2024.

With ‘Lies’ GONE shows us a heartwarming, honest and vulnerable side that past tracks already hinted at.

Within his musical safe space that is ‘Lies’, GONE brilliantly unfolds all of his artistic prowess as a singer, pianist and percussionist. With carefully crafted lyrics, GONE tells his listeners a very human story, carried by soft vocals and enhanced by a hypnotic drumtrack and precise sound design.

Being busy with various live-shows featuring artists such as Klangphonics (and a remix of their last single ‘Shapes in the Spray‘), RONE and others, it should surprise no one that the french multi-talent has landed one hit after another with his last singles.

With ‘Lies’ as a Teaser, fans can be more than excited for ‘Meteor’, set to drop further into the year in late spring/early summer. To accompany ‘Lies’, a music video exploring the mystical, yet minimalistic realm of ‘Lies’ is set to release in June, along with a masterful live show – crafted to perfection with great attention to detail that is sure to blow audiences away.

‘Lies’ is available on all major streaming platforms from March 29th.

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