For the first time ever, Pretty Pink and Einmusik have teamed up to bring you ‘Ayana’, their newest single, dropping May 31st, via Pretty Pink’s very own Deep Woods. Since this is the first joined endeavor of both of these german powerhouse DJs, fans have been keeping their ears peeled for this release and now that it’s finally here, it’s safe to say: they delivered Melodic Techno excellency.

The track rocketed straight to #1 on Electronic Rising Spotify and secured Pretty Pink the highly coveted playlist cover.

While Pretty Pink has been a guest on Einmusik’s label Einmusika before, they apparently never thought of collaborating before and while listening to ‘Ayana’ for the first time, on can only wonder what made them wait this long. ‘Ayana’ is Melodic in it’s truest form, featuring Deep elements as well borrowing from Progressive, making it a Best-Of of both of these producing talents skills.

Portraying ‘Ayana’s’ melody is an unnamed, mysterious oriental instrument, that easily does the trick to launch listeners on a journey through faraway lands and soundscapes of pure exotic bliss. Being carried by one of Pretty Pink’s characteristic groundworks of pulsating rhythms and a deep, resonating bassline, her illustrious feature Einmusik brings his emotive producing prowess to the mix.

This fusion of both these extraordinary talents makes ‘Ayana’ an absolute must-listen and guarantees the Single a place in Melodic playlists everywhere as well as becoming a staple in clubs all around the globe.

The namesake arabic flower that is ‘Ayana’ blossoms beautifully from the get-go, but really gets going after the drop, surely making fans wishing for more collaborative efforts of these two legendary DJs that have been pushing boundaries and shaping the scene for close to two decades now.

Pretty Pink has been at the forefront of all things Melodic for a while now and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Having Einmusik aboard for ‘Ayana’ only further cements her status as one of contemporary Melodic and Deep’s greatest creative minds and adds another highly sought after feature to her ever-growing portfolio.

‘Ayana’ is available now on all major streaming platforms!