Anahit Vardanyan is set to captivate listeners with her latest release, ‘Avyun EP’, on legendary german producer Hannes Bieger’s new label, Elektrons. The EP marks Anahit’s debut on the label, known for her unique blend of traditional Armenian instruments with heavy, driving electronic music. The title track, “Avyun,” drops May 31st, offering a taste of what’s to come.

Anahit, a producer and live performer with a classical music background, fuses her Armenian heritage and Hamburg club experiences into this EP. ‘Avyun’ combines the traditional instruments duduk and dhol with modern synths and throbbing basslines, creating a vibrant, pulsating atmosphere. Anahit describes ‘Avyun’ as ‘a celebration of the eternal bond between a people and their homeland.’

Following ‘Avyun,’ the second single, ‘Haratev’ (Armenian for Eternity), releases on June 14th. This track features a driving rhythm and a piano intro leading into a mesmerizing melody evoking sorrow, but contrasts this with a strong feeling of hope, making ‘Haratev’ a powerful follow-up. Anahit explains it’s ‘a reminder that even in chaos, there exists a light guiding us towards hope and resilience.’

Anahit’s personal touch is felt throughout both the single ‘Avyun’ as well as it’s follow-up. Even the artwork for the release is of her making, with each track visually represented in paintings, making ‘Avyun EP’ a multi-sensory journey, reflecting her standout blend of tradition and innovation.

Experience Anahit Vardanyan’s ‘Avyun EP.’ Feast your ears with ‘Avyun’ on May 31st, and prepare for ‘Haratev’ on June 14th. This EP is set to make waves with its unique blend of cultural and modern elements.

Avyun‘ is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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