The clock is ticking and we’re another day closer to the inaugural Camp2Ourselves, a powerhouse boutique festival collaboration between Staybad, RVDIOVCTIVE, Flatline and The Dangle Zone.  This intimate weekender is taking place at a beautiful private location in the valley, boasting 30+ of the finest underground selectors throwing it down alongside the legendary DOORLY and Tara Brooks.

Ahead of this dope weekend, we got a chance to catch up with both DOORLY and Tara to chat a bit more about past-time camping shenanigans, and what’s been in their musical scopes!













Interview With DOORLY & Tara Brooks

1. What is your favourite memory of camping as a kid?

DOORLY: We used to go camping in the Lake District in the UK when me and my brother were young, there’s so many fresh water streams to swim in and lush green grass and animals grazing. Looking back now, just having that time to just explore the world without any worries at all was just magical and asking me that question has just made me want to take my son camping because it’s just the best way to connect with nature. My Boy Cassius will be 2 in October so he’s just coming into that fun age where he’s going to be able to discover all this stuff for the first time and I can’t wait.

TARA: I grew up in Los Angeles and didn’t really camp as a kid, but I did go to summer camp. It was always a great time & the focus was community, & kids getting dirty and in nature. Nature, arts and crafts, dance, music, sports, and other fun activities. For me, camping meant getting out of your comfort zone, in nature, disconnected to daily life, so you can be present with others and challenge yourself to try new things.

2. What was the first camping festival you ever attended?

DOORLY: Dirtybird Campout, it blew my head clean off, still to this day one of the best festival experiences of my life and the care and attention the team there put into it is just next level. I’ve met so many lifelong friends from playing at those campouts.

TARA: It’s not a festival, but my first experience with anything like that was probably Burning Man in 2012. The core values I resonate with are self reliance, community, self expression, adventure, & creativity.

3. Are you a tent or RV kind of camper?

DOORLY: These days if I’m working, definitely RV, I Love a good RV, we don’t have them the same in Europe as you do in the states where everything is MASSIVE! So I get overly excited about hiring them whenever I get a chance. Definitely up for a tent when not at a festival though in the wilderness.

TARA: Ive done my fair share of  tenting, and when the weathers great, it can be a really special experience being in nature. But when you’re on the road nonstop,  little sleep, and spend a lot of time being uncomfortable, it’s valuable  to me these days to be comfortable and have a proper RV.

4. What is your current favourite dance floor weapon?

DOORLY: Tough one saw there’s so much great music around right now but I’m loving this one at the moment, it always does the trick! Giovanni Damico – The Power

TARA: It all depends on where I’m playing really….. I’ll just say that ashee is one of my favorite current producers.

5. Any fresh talent currently on your radar?

DOORLY: There’s this wicked producer called Elado from Tel Aviv who’d been putting out some amazing Disco edits on labels like Razor n Tape I’m loving.

Also a guy from Belfast called Jordan Nocturne, he’s not really a newcomer as he’s been at it for a long time but he’s really starting to deservedly break through now.

I’m loving Devon James and the RVDIOVCTIVE Label as well for fresh talent. Devon, a super talent in his own right, has a really good ear for fresh exciting producers and the compilations he’s been putting out this year have been great.

TARA: Well he’s not new but he’s dope as fuck – Devon James is absolutely crushing it right now. He’s got a great old school vibe,  but also still keeps it fresh. people definitely should pay attention to what he’s doing as an artist, as well as with his brand/label.  And Kana Hishiya is def one to watch. She’s a phenomenal DJ, as well as kind and down to earth.  She’s working hard on her production & I have no doubt she’s going to blast off

-DOORLY & Tara Brooks

Turn it up & enjoy!