DJ, producer and club organiser Øivind ‘Kohib’ Sjøvoll has been in dazzling form of late. He has served up a series of mesmerising singles as a tantalising taster to his latest album, the third for Beatservice. Producing immaculately crafted sounds for over two decades, Kohib continues his deft aptitude for sculpting genre-defying compositions on the album, which hosts some of his most compelling material to date. From pitch black introspection to rousing dance floor abandon, it is every bit as far-reaching as we’ve come to expect from this singular talent. 


The collection bursts into life via the club-focused thrust of ‘Golden Skies’, featuring the seductive vocals of enigmatic songstress Lydia Waits, whose stirring performance shines like a beacon as it soars over Kohib’s slick four-four groove. Subtly shifting the mood is the heads-down throb of ‘It’s Never Late In Neon Signs’, where glistening arpeggios and snarling bass caress Waits’ honeyed vocal while ‘Fake Fur’ arrives with deliciously brooding intent and Larsen’s bewitching vocal gliding over immersive instrumentation and otherworldly textures. Next, ‘Hold That Thought’ mischievously switches the rhythm as thick sub bass and searing synth motifs power over broken drums. At the same time, Helle Larsen’s affecting vocal rises from delicate verse into dramatic chorus bursts. 

The superb ‘Sandcastles’ sees Larsen’s emotive vocal weave seductive, lyrical metaphors through cinematic pads and live bass. The album’s title track sees sinister lead synth lines exploding over twisted bass as the pulsating rhythm drives the cut forward. The tempo rises rapidly with the pounding bass arpeggio of ‘This Kitty Got Claws’, purposefully marching through cascading synth textures, euphoric chords, and self-assured lead vocals. The utterly bewitching ‘Rhythm Cast A Spell On Me’ has another indelible Lydia Waits’ vocal providing a profoundly atmospheric moment, whilst the mystical melodies of ‘Not Supposed To Be’ echo over a misty woodland landscape with Lydia Waits’ vocal flowing over jagged synth textures. Finally, Helle Larsen returns with the sensual swansong ‘Let’s Stay Right Here’, a gorgeously heartfelt finale. 

Kohib ‘Today’s Tales Of Tomorrow’ (LP) is out on 28th October on Beatservice Records.

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