With Serbian roots and a French upbringing, Karmina Milojevic now calls Ibiza home amidst its lively scene. She has performed on prestigious stages worldwide and is now set to unveil her debut release on Jamie Jones’ Paradise Music—a compelling two-track EP titled ‘Play’. We caught up with her to explore this significant milestone in her journey.

Welcome Karmina, we’re so glad you could join us today. What have you been up to so far this year?

Hi everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here! thank you for having me! 

So, 2024 started with a trip to Brazil for Carnival and some gigs there. It was my first time, and what an experience!

I passed by Argentina, a lovely city, too. I then got back to the studio as I had some projects already started from last October. I’m producing other artists of other musical genres, too. So, fortunately, I’m quite busy in production. 

Why and when did you start in music? What got you into it?

Well, I’ve been into music since I was born, I used to play with vinyls as toys! 

My mum used to DJ at free rave parties! I started playing vinyls when I was 8, and my first public gig was at 12 in a club… and my first release at 17 with SONY BMG. I’ve always been connected to music, It’s a passion, first of all. 

Your latest release, ‘Play’, is your debut EP via Jamie Jones’ label Paradise Music, what essence were you trying to encapsulate with this record?

With ‘Play’, I aimed to capture a sense of pure Funky House, unfiltered with this Groovy bass and the freedom that music can bring. The EP is a journey through various emotions and sonic landscapes, reflecting my own experiences and inspirations. I wanted each track to evoke a sense of adventure and spontaneity, encouraging listeners to lose themselves in the music and simply enjoy the moment.

Have you had a chance to play this release out live? If so, how was the response?

Oh yes, I’ve played it in different situations. That’s what I loved about this track. I played it first in Brazil on the beach for sunset, I could see the dancefloor getting packed straight away! And another time, at an after-party, it was my first track, people jumping around with big smiles on their faces. It’s giving me goosebumps hahahahah.

What is the importance of ‘Play’ in your life?

Signing on JJ’s label has been a goal for me, I’ve been waiting for such a long time. I’m so proud of it, and so honoured to be a part of this label. I have known Jamie for 20 years now, and I’ve been following all his steps, he is an inspiration to me! I received his message on 1st April, you can imagine that I was afraid it was a joke 😅. You should have seen my face, what a joyful moment. I had to finish “Play Groove “ in a few hours that same day to complete this EP! That’s a day to remember forever!

Born in Serbia, raised in France, and now residing in Ibiza, how have these cultural experiences shaped you?

I was actually born and raised in France. My father is Serbian, and my mum is from England. Of course, this has profoundly shaped both my personal and artistic identity. My father’s football professional career made us travel a lot during my childhood; it was not easy to change city, school, and friends every year … 

Each culture has enriched me in unique ways. Serbia and the UK gave me a deep appreciation for resilience and a rich musical heritage. France exposed me to diverse artistic expressions and a strong sense of creativity. Ibiza, with its vibrant nightlife and eclectic mix of global influences, has allowed me to fully immerse myself in the world of electronic music. These varied experiences have blended together to create a unique perspective that I bring to my music, allowing me to connect with audiences from different backgrounds on a deeper level. I think it’s such a privilege to be able to travel and see more cultures. 

How do you prepare for a ‘big’ set, do you ever get nervous?

Preparing for a big set involves a combination of meticulous planning and allowing space for spontaneity. I start by researching the venue, the crowd, and the overall vibe of the event to curate a set that will resonate with the audience. I spend hours selecting and organizing tracks, creating a flow that builds energy and keeps the crowd engaged. Despite all the preparation, I leave room for improvisation because reading the crowd and adapting in real time is crucial.

As for nerves, yes, I do get nervous before big sets, but it’s a good kind of nervousness. You kind of get addicted to it, It’s my “ADRENALINE” that keeps me focused and reminds me how much I care about delivering a great performance. Once I start playing and feel the crowd’s energy, the nerves transform into excitement and drive. But I have to admit that sometimes, like a surprise after party, I’m not prepared, and I’m going with the flow…

Congratulations on the launch of your new label Blackjack Music. Where do you hope to take the label from here? 

Oh, Thank you! With Blackjack Music, I can express myself. I’m producing different styles of music, different genres. Passing from Dubstep to House, (Deep house, Tech-House, Garage ) Alternative, even Hip hop! Working on a Pop project, too and sync music. I’m creating a lot of collabs also. It’s easier for me to put my music out whenever I want and I feel too, without any restrictions. Of course, it takes me time to organise, promotions etc, but it’s important for me to feel free to do what I want. 

What advice would you give to emerging female DJs navigating the music industry?

That’s a good one! Personally, I’ve been struggling with “masculine” situations, jealousy, physique, gender, persecution, discrimination, harassment and more … and even with that, I never give up!

But I feel like times have changed. I started my career really young, and I’m a mother now. I see a lot more women involved in the industry now, and music speaks for itself! So, stay true to yourself and your artistic vision. Believe in your talent, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t give a F**** about out people think or say. I think you are making music for yourself and then sharing it with people, so you do what you love! It’s cool to build relationships and exchange. Stay persistent, sometimes you will feel like giving up but don’t! And push further ! even when faced with challenges or setbacks, and continue honing your craft. Most importantly, never let anyone undermine your confidence or passion for music. Nobody can’t take that away from you!

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