The Vooz Brothers duo is made up of Danny Tuval, an international DJ and producer, and Ziv ‘Zigo’ Goland, who is best known for his classic club anthem ‘More & More’ with Spoiled in 1999. Both of them were born and raised in Tel Aviv and have been released on the likes of MoBlack, Go Deeva and King Street. The fast-rising new outfit delivers some superb grooves here for the Stereo Mc’s connected label.

Opener ‘I am The Future’ has a slick Afro house vibe with old-school rave feelings. The rich chords bring some classy spiritualism and futuristic vocals make for a unique combination on a unique track. The next cut ‘Nirvana’ is a more atmospheric and organic sound. Afro vibes permeate the drums once more with driving percussion, emotional vocals and pads, and a curious melodic sound after the break leading you to the next level.

I Am The Future EP is another innovative offering from Vooz Brothers.




Artist: Vooz Brothers.
Title: I Am The Future EP
Label: connected
Release Date: 2022-03-25




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor