Combining the best House of South Africa and Australia, Craig and Darren Fine, better known as FiNE, celebrate the launch of their new label Sippy Time with their new smash hit single ‘Kidonda‘, releasing March 1st.

There is no denying the magic ‘Kidonda’s’ exhilarating feature Idd Aziz brings to the table and his heartfelt Kishwahili and Rabai vocals drench the single with soulful warmth.

‘Kidonda’ pulses with energy, that can be felt from the very first to the last beat.

Its hypnotizing groove, carried by blissful synths and uplifting piano elements, quickly feels like home. You should definitely save a spot on your Afro Playlists for ‘Kidonda’.

Adding to the enchanting tones is South African DJ-legend Enoo Napa, who casts his mixing magic, elevating ‘Kidonda’ to a more Minimal/Progressive feel, that is equally stunning.

‘Kidonda’ releases March 1st 2024 on all major streaming platforms. The Remix by Enoo Napa follows March 15th, so mark your calendars.

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