LA based chart-topping duo Haddadi von Engst are fired up to reveal their new single ‘The BIG’ today, February 23, bringing Hollywood-grade sound design and producing to House enthusiasts around the globe. ‘The BIG’ is an absolute banger and sure to climb to the top of playlists and charts alike, showing their prowess and talent once again.

As Haddadi von Engst continue to push boundaries in the spheres of Afro and Deep House, their latest release ‘The BIG’ expertly fuses intricate sounds, tribal drum patterns and a pulsating groove with nothing short of a balls-to-the-wall attitude.

Sprinkled into the captivating mix are tribal voice samples that make ‘The BIG’ a smash hit for you listening and dancing pleasure.

In addition to their original Mix, Haddadi von Engst have teamed up with german powerhouse Mollono.Bass who provides his very own take on ‘The BIG’ that intriguingly steers ‘The BIG’ into more tech and progressive oriented realms and this too works so terribly well.

Whether you are longtime fans and newcomers alike, Haddadi von Engst in their pursuit of producing and sound design perfection have cooked up a banger that is set to become an instant Deep and Afro House classic.

‘The BIG’ is available today, February 23, on all major streaming platforms.

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