Sabo and his record label Sol Selectas embark 2024 with the fifth edition of the ‘Global Entry’ compilation, which features 10 organic house tracks with Afro rhythms, melodic grooves and enchanting melodies.

The release features unreleased original tracks from Sol Selectas favourites such as German Brigante, alongside KÖNI’s new remix of a classic, and record label debuts from the likes of Gionist and Sapoz.

Global Entry is an invigorating concept that helps lift our spirits and warm our hearts in these cold winter months, as each of the tracks have a feel-good energy that helps us get the new year off to a positive start.

In total, the release includes artists with origins in 12 different countries and lyrics sung or spoken in various languages, as the release embraces Sol Selectas love of different world cultures, and the joy of diversity.

All the artists who feature on this release include, Sabo, Matanza, Safar (FR), German Brigante, A X L, G.O.D.A., Memo Rex, Joe Pea, Djolée, Ayala (IT), Ruskar, Atlantis, Anza, LITCHI, Gionist and Sapoz. Some of the tracks are solo productions, where others are collaborative contributions.

Collectively, the artists on this release boast individual releases on other prestigious record labels such as Stil Vor Talent, MoBlack Records, Monaberry, Bar 25, Rebirth and many others of equal note.

San Diego staples and self proclaimed local legends Memo Rex & Joe Pea have teamed up to give you and ethereal ethnic groover for your dancing needs, featured on the VA.

“Frida” named after one of our favorite artists ever to come out of Le Gran Mexique via Germany.

⁠Frida embodies the history of the old world with the culture of the new!




Artist: Various Artists
Title: Global Entry 5
Label: Sol Selectas
Release Date: 2024-02-23




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor