Tomi&Kesh and Alessandro Diruggiero are joining forces for a debut collaboration release on wAFF’s Nature Records. Formed in 2016, Stuttgart duo Tomi & Kesh have been making waves with tracks like ‘Chu Chu’ and ‘Go Deep’, while Alessandro Diruggiero has been carving out his own path with notable releases. Together, they deliver a sound that blends infectious rhythms, soulful vocals, and a hint of smokey texture.
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be premiering their latest track ‘I Eat Music’ from the ‘Bine Bine’ EP dropping on April 26th. Stay tuned for this exclusive premiere and get ready to groove to the mesmerizing sounds of Tomi & Kesh and Alessandro Diruggiero!”

“I Eat Music” is out April 26th!