Q1. Thanks for talking to us wAFF. Firstly, congrats on your COMUNA13 event in Colombia, how did you come up with the idea for this event 3 years ago?

It all started when I went on a trip to Medellin with a load of mates for a month, and we set up a tour of the Comuna with a guy named Nicholas. He was the one who introduced me to a few people in the community about maybe setting up an event there. At first, we wanted a Boiler Room but they weren’t into the idea, so I just did it myself. First year was about 100 people and then about 1,000 the second year. To my knowledge this kind of thing hadn’t been done before, so we didn’t know how it was going to go. Of course, this needs to be free for everyone, and that’s the way it needs to stay, so I fund the whole project on my own and always use local companies and help for equipment and that. There’s a lot of history there and they’ve had some really hard times but to see how they’ve come on over the years is really special and I wanted to be a part of that, to give back to the community and help in any way I can whilst creating memories for myself everyone there.

Q2. Do you think this is something more artists should be doing in their own communities?

100%. I think we all forget that sometimes it’s about just bringing people together from all different walks of life and to celebrate music and a good time. To be able to head to areas where they don’t have the resources to organise these that’s what makes it even better for me. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, you are not doing it to be the best gig of your life, you are doing it for the experience of giving to a community.

Q3. Charitable work has been a big thing for you, can you tell us more about what else you support and why?

With Nature my label we always fund a dog rescue with each release. If you go to our Instagram, you can see some of the dogs we have rescued. I have always been an animal lover and it’s a nice thing to do and also something to ask the artist on your label to become aware of and involved in. And yes, some artists have asked if they can use the money they make from their release to send to specific charities which of course I love that idea. I think that’s a great thing about being on nature that people want to use their art to help others who are in need. It means a lot and I’m grateful for that too.

Q4. ‘Slapfunk’ is out on the 8th September, love the release. How’s the season been playing this release out in Ibiza and the festival season?

This summer has gone so fast, I can’t believe its soon closings. The track went down a treat at all the shows I have been playing this summer. It’s a track that was inspired by the vibe at Slapfunk, the event at Bret in Amsterdam. I sent it to Jamie Jones to see if he was into it as I did like it but it was very electronic sounding so I wasn’t 100% sure on it. But after I heard him playing it out in every set he did, seeing all the videos and being in the booth on certain events, watching the track go down, I just felt like this could be a good track to put out. 

Q5. Do you have one artist you have discovered this year who you want to shout about?

Definitely Nathan Alzon. Buzzin’ to have launched my label with his EP and introduce his sound. He is a wicked producer and someone to watch out for.

Q6. Now its September, can you tell us your Top 3 gig highlights of summer this year?

b2b EastendDubs at ABODE on the Rock – had a wicked b2b with EastendDubs in Malta which really booted off. Closing Amnesia Club Room for Paradise. Always buzzin’ to play for Paradise, but it was awesome to close the Main room at their new home in Amnesia. Lost Beach – This was one of the highlights of the summer as Ecuador has really struggled since the pandemic. Apparently, we did 1,100 tickets so to see Lost beach that busy and full again was really mint as Lost Beach has always been one of my favourite clubs in the world to play at. COMUNA – 13 – I had to put this in too as this project means so much to me and I think we had well over a thousand people there this year which was such a special moment for me and my team. Its free party for the COMUNA so to experience that turnout and vibe was mental. Hopefully it grows even bigger next year!

Q7. What else is next? (Please tell us about release plans, tours etc)

My label Nature has a release from Italian DJ Lorenzo De Blanck with a remix from Mahony, which is trippy and minimal Romanian style. I’ve been playing the tracks a lot and that’s coming out on the 29th Septmeber. I just got back from another few days in America, had a few gigs there this year in Miami, New York, Orlando, Texas, San Diego and Palm Springs. I’ll be playing two more dates in Ibiza, ABODE ar Eden on the 24th September and then Music On at Destino on the 13th October. Then off to ADE where I’m playing FLOW showcase at Thuishaven and the Deeperfect Showcase too.

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