Déepalma Records prepares for another re-emergence of The Spirit Project & Starving Yet Full’s mesmeric ‘Find Your Way’ as consummate German electronic duo Monkey Safari deliver an undeniably standout remix of the track in mid-May.

Following in the footsteps of Swiss-Uruguayan duo Sparrow & Barbossa, who unveiled the first remix of ‘Find Your Way’ back in March 2023, brothers Lars and Sven, known stylistically as Monkey Safari and famed for releases on a plethora of respected electronic imprints including ORIANNA, Get Physical, Spectrum, Rose Avenue and countless others, prepare to share another stunning studio production.

In a full circle moment, after their unforgettable reimagination of Sparrow & Barbossa and Starving Yet Full’s ‘After Saturday Night’ in October, Monkey Safari reconnect with former Azari & III lead vocalist Cédric Gasaïda (Starving Yet Full) as they cross paths with versatile musician, composer, songwriter, and music producer Paul Murashov (The Spirit Project) for the first time.

This latest take on one of Déepalma’s most enchanting catalogue pieces is everything we have come to expect from Monkey Safari. Driven by organic rhythms and an intricately detailed tapestry of melodic layers, their remix of ‘Find Your Way’ dances along to a sophisticated ebb and flow of dynamic sonics and resonant lyrics to carve out an introspectively reaching record with reflective nuances that will inspire you to close your eyes and dissolve into the immersive experience that it provides.

As Déepalma treads deeper into its second decade, it continues to make strides with cutting-edge electronic releases – with Monkey Safari’s remix of The Spirit Project & Starving Yet Full’s ‘Find Your Way’ being a prime example.

“Find Your Way” is out now!