The track received sounds from Melodic House, bringing a new alternative to having this classic always on the tracks

by Rodrigo Airaf

In 2017, German label Get Physical presented to the dance world a new version of “I Feel Love”, the timeless hit song by Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellote. The producer of the cover is none other than DJ Pierre, considered one of the fathers of Acid House, who brought the voice of Chic Loren, R&B diva, to revisit the lyrics of the song. Of course, he added the Roland TB-303 timbres that consecrated his career, as a former member of the Phuture trio.

Like the original song, that was never intended to be out of trend, Get Physical now invites, in 2022, the duo Monkey Safari to create a new version of Pierre and Loren’s cover. The remix can easily slip into Melodic House and Techno DJ cases, and retains the refreshingly sensual aura of the song that shaped dance music forever. Listen to it below!

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