Moscow-based singer-songwriter Cedric Gasaïda, aka Starving Yet Full was previously the lead vocalist of the Canadian quartet, Azari III who achieved crossover success in 2011 from his hits like ‘Hungry For The Power’ and ‘Reckless (With Your Love)’.

Now pursuing a solo career, Starving Yet Full has adapted an admirable presence in the modern-day electronic music landscape with collaborations such as Pete Tong, Rampa and Sinden.

His exciting new project sees him team up with DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist and one half of APP Peter Pixzel to deliver their captivating new single ‘Purge’, giving a tantalising glimpse of their forthcoming eight-track album ‘Cemetery Gospel’ later this year.

Starving Yet Full and August Jakobsen’s ‘Purge’ is out now on 4NC¥ (Foreign Currency)

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