Argentinian DJ extraordinaire, Pabels, drops in for the next warm and bubbly LoveBath mix. Having developed an almost cult following for his series of “Day Mixes,” Pabels now tours the globe providing funky and sun-drenched sounds for groove-minded heads in every corner of our little, blue planet. This mix in particular was recorded live while on location in Bali and the tracklisting certainly conveys the exotic locale. Dip in and enjoy!

Interview with Pabels

Tell us about yourself, you musical journey and the meaning behind your moniker, ‘Pabels.’
Well, it’s not easy to tell a story of a person in just a couple sentences but let’s just say I’ve always been in love with music and sharing all the gems I find with my friends. Luckily, through SoundCloud, I found a way to share it with even more people from all over the world that now I can call my friends as well (and also to stop bugging my friends everyday with new music). I always say that the world is getting smaller, and the music has lead me to confirm that, as I got to play in countless countries along this past year for which I’m extremely grateful for. As for my moniker, it just became natural when I started playing music around 8 years ago in the lack of a name for my first shows. And it stuck. I feel it also portrays a little bit of what my sound is like as well.

What have you got in store for 2019? Upcoming shows or productions?
I hope 2019 gets to be as good as 2018. I have some shows left in my Asia/Australia tour for the next few weeks and I have an upcoming European tour again this summer… similar to what I did last year. I’m super excited for that. I also have to mention my new musical project with close friends Signo and Julian Piaggio called Bondi Bondi. Our first release is forthcoming on SlothBoogie, and we have some free edits of some obscure gems on the horizon as well.

Tell us a bit about the mix you’ve prepared…what can we expect here?
This mix was recorded live playing at Mrs. Sippy club on the wonderful island of Bali. I remember the earlier episodes of the LoveBath to be slower so I tried to make it that way using a more balearic flavor which I’ve always loved. There’s a lot of classic reversions and some weird quirky stuff as well. It depicts what I feel is the perfect sound for a slow afternoon on the beach with the Pabels sound imprint.

Anything else you care to share?
I want to send my appreciation to all my collaborators that worked with me this past year, it’s been a wonderful ride and can’t wait to see what it holds for me on this new year as well.
Also, to anyone is interested in any of the tracks, feel free to comment if you want track ID’s, there’s so much good music in this world so I don’t mind sharing it with everyone! 🙂

What’s your favorite dancefloor burner track right now? What’s lighting up the dancefloor for you at the moment?
Anyone who has seen me play a show lately might have experienced some more upbeat stuff that I play for the dancefloor. It’s hard to pick only one, so I’ll pick two (I could go on for hours). Right now the tracks that are doing the work there is Joey Negro’s edit of the O’Jays classic ‘Message In Our Music’ and also Tom Jay’s edit for ‘Ore Mi’ on the last Persie Edits release (Repsies). There’s too many more hidden bombs, depending on the situation, every party is different so it’s good to come with an open mind to any of my shows 🙂



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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor