In this ultra-saturated age of art, particularly within music, it is rare to encounter creators so readily dynamic, creative, introspective and emotional yet simultaneously fun. Super Flu has consistently released melodic yet punchy and infectious house music and their new album Halle Saale is a long-anticipated reminder of their lovely excellence. The album is being released on Super Flu’s own Monaberry Records, not surprisingly a heavily charted imprint.

Named after their city, Halle, Super Flu says of the album,

If you ask strangers what they think of Halle, the answer is always the same: ugly and dirty, we journeyed through our city and tried to capture it, to channel its sound, and to press the most interesting facets on vinyl for our listeners.

Halle Saale is a fluid LP, which never loses your attention but is also never overwhelming or brash. Although consistent in overall theme, each tracks is exceptionally special, with loving attention paid to the detailed elements. Danceable from start to finish and perfect storytellers, expect tracks from this album to make appearances all next year. A totally outstanding album, there isn’t much to say except to let your ears do the judging. Listen on!


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