What good is life in paradise without the proper soundtrack?

It was with this quandary in mind that FOOTLOOSE set forth to fill the void within the nightlife in Playa del Carmen. After events such as The BPM Festival and Flying Circus the bar was inevitably raised elevating along with it the demand from artists to return and creating a constant scene that rivals that of Mexico City with only a mere fraction of its population.  Our good friends at FOOTLOOSE Presents are bringing in the producer that everyone can’t stop stalking about, Eric Volta, and how awesome will this be for the little town of Playa Del Carmen!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our friends at FOOTLOOSE for throwing their 100th party and oh do they have a great booking for this!!  Eric Volta has been making massive waves with his productions and this producer is tipped to be one of the biggest names in the game.  Playa Del Carmen is in for a real treat and we know this night is going to be special.  In support, our good friend Zuckre will also be playing that night along with Montano.  This is one night you are not going to want to miss so make sure you don’t!!

Event info HERE