Hailing from Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Akbal Music is a label that has proven to be a constant provider of quality underground music.  To make an impact with this first vinyl release they looked to  Bog  from Romania. This will be his first solo EP for the label proving his talent with this very emotional and epic release. To make it even more interesting they welcome to two juggernauts of the scene to remix the record and do the first appearance for the label. First of is Mr. Eric Volta (No.19-Visionquest) taking us through a mental  and dramatic adventure with his take of “Everything We Lost”.  Patlac (LiebeDetail-Soulfooled) on the other hand on his remix of “Medina”  takes a more driving direction but always keeping the feeling and groove of the original  and converting it into a great dance floor bomb. This record represents what Akbal has accomplished as a record label and sets the path for future releases. We hope you love this release as much as we do!


Artist:  Bog
Title:  Everything We Lost EP
Label:  Akbal Music
Catalog No.:  AKBAL088