Paradise mainstay and House tastemaker Mark Jenkyns keeps up the momentum on his new and essential Name Dropper imprint with a third standout EP, this time featuring three collaborations with, Andre Salmon and Teddy Wong.

Name Dropper is the home for Jenkyns’ music and a place to work with friends and artists he respects, always in collaboration where they can be free to take their production talents into new territory. Following the immense start with Fantasize from the boss himself and Mizbee, through to the follow-up from Morgan Seatree, the label has had heavy rotation from Steve Lawler, Camelphat, Solardo, Richy Ahmed and Mark Knight. For release three (Mode Select), Mark Jenkyns, Hot Creations, Suara and Viva regular plus seven-year Paradise Ibiza resident, comes correct once more.

Mode Select kicks us off and is dark and deep and perfect for the late night hours, with more techno leaning percussion and heady chord riffs that sink you into a state of hypnosis. It’s a high pressure, high class cut for sure.

Mode Select drops on December 6th, on Name Dropper.


Artist: Mark Jenkyns & Teddy Wong & Andre Salmon
Title: Mode Select
Label: Name Dropper
Release Date: 2019-12-06




Turn it up & enjoy!