Luuk van Dijk starts a brand new imprint of his own called Dark Side Of The Sun. The very first EP ‘Suavo’ is ready to set the tone with two of Van Dijk’s own high impact tracks and a remix from house tastemaker Sidney Charles, while collaborations with events and potentially a club night will follow.

Van Dijk has started the brand to give himself more freedom in releasing his own music, whatever he likes and whenever he wants to. Dark Side Of The Sun will allow him to explore his own musical boundaries and make him progress as an artist, while tapping up talented friends for remixes. As such, it will become a platform for the wide spectrum of house and techno. In his own words: “it will be happy, housey, dark, baddass basslines, dry beats, tight, swing; you name it.”



The main track ‘Suavo’ is a hard-hitting house tune with rock solid kicks and spaced out pads that bring warmth and atmosphere. The track is designed to the get the dance floor sweating and never lets up. Remixing is Sidney Charles, the German house connoisseur who runs his own Heavy House Society. He strips things back to a more tripped out and garage tinged groove with infectious drums and turbo-bass that makes you want to move.

Finally, Van Dijk offers the dark and paranoid ‘Flangosh’, again with rolling, well programmed drums and slick hi-hats. This time with some industrial, warehouse styled sounds that make it feel raw and naughty.

This massive first EP will lead the way for Dark Side Of The Sun to evolve into a known name in the scene.