2019 might be drawing to a close but BluFin Records are not letting up and now come correct one more time with an EP from Gabriel I, Tamez & Company Is Family, as well as a remix from Autonomi.

Kelper opens up and has a textured, tense synth spraying about above the drums to bring tension to the floor. Then Autonomi remixes it into a scintillating deep techno cut that takes you into outer space. The drums are rubbery, the hi hats icy and the whole thing is superbly atmospheric.

Fanzine then layers up the melodies into something more upbeat but just as dreamy and cosmic, before Digital Daydream closes with a super deep tune with warped bass and smooth sci-fi soundscapes sinking you into a real state of hypnosis.

All in all this is another winning EP.

Kepler EP drops on December 6th, on BluFin Records.


Artist: Gabriel I, Tamez & Company Is Family
Title: Kepler EP
Label: BluFin Records
Release Date: 2019-12-06




Turn it up & enjoy!