Get ready for a new age of electronic music production. “Neon”, set to drop on March 15, 2024, is more than just a new track – it’s the first taste of Bratři‘s highly anticipated album and a glimpse into their revolutionary new show.

Czech twin brothers Bratři, known for their continuously groundbreaking approach to electronic music, are ready to release a single that promises to redefine their sound and set the stage for a live performance that will push the boundaries of what’s possible in a concert experience.

“Neon” will feature a much softer, melodic approach than the duo’s latest releases “Lobster” and “Lost Juno”. With a fusion of pulsating drums, soft vocals and catchy synths, “Neon” provides a euphoric atmosphere that gets you hooked from the first second.

In a bold move that blends technology and nature, Bratři will be performing with Ayra, a live plant connected to their modular synthesizer.

The plant’s energy will control the sounds, creating a truly unique audiovisual experience. This innovative approach reflects Bratři’s belief in the power of music to connect people to nature.

The new live show is the result of months of collaboration with the European project Revelland, which aims to make electronic music more accessible. Bratři have incorporated features like immersive visuals, live camera feeds, and storytelling projections to create a multi-sensory experience that promotes inclusion and accessibility.

“Neon” is available on all major platforms today, March 15, 2024. Mark your calendars for Bratři’s live experience starting April 6.

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