Peruvian artist and label head Renzo Zong’s latest release is certainly a head turner jam packed with percussive deep house and rich ambient offerings. Landing on his own Templo Solar, “Almas Sedientas de Magia” instantly grabbed our attention so we needed  hear more about this unique record. Check out what Renzo had to say below!


MI4L: Congratulations on your latest release, “Almas Sedientas de Magia.” Can you share with us the inspiration and creative process behind this project? What sets it apart from your previous works?

Renzo: Thank you very much. As an artist one has to be open to life’s experiences and be able  to receive them with love… That’s where my inspiration comes from every moment of life itself. At the moment  I’m experimenting with new elements like adding vocals to productions and getting together with Lavik and creating  together is something MAGICAL!

MI4L: As a producer and DJ, your music often carries a unique blend of cultural influences. How have your Peruvian roots and the musical culture in Peru shaped the sound of “Almas Sedientas de Magia”?

Renzo: There are always Peruvian sounds, some more visible and others haha a little more hidden but they are always there (laughs Naughty)

MI4L: Can you delve into your musical background and share some pivotal moments or artists that have significantly influenced your journey as a producer and DJ?

Renzo: The summer of last year I was able to do my first tour in Europe, as an artist living in Latin America, it was clearly a pivotal moment! Let’s keep dancing and enjoying!

MI4L: Can you describe your studio setup and the tools you find essential in crafting your signature sound? Are there any specific techniques or equipment that played a significant role in the production of this release?

Renzo: We made the recordings at Lavik’s house, I took my equipment and we recorded there! The best technique we had was to tap into  the connection between us. Lavik and I understand each other very well!

MI4L: Beyond the current release, what else can we expect from Renzo Zong in the coming year? Any upcoming projects, collaborations, or events that your fans should be on the lookout for?

Renzo: In April we have a release with a music video, UHMAYA ! The video we recorded with some friends last year. Another EP, La herencia, is coming out in May, it’s something very Peruvian! We’ll see what June will bring us.

MI4L: In exploring your musical journey, have you faced any challenges, and how have you overcome them to continue evolving as an artist?

Renzo: Life is a constant challenge… I’m currently answering this from Costa Rica… There’s a phrase they use a lot here. PURA VIDA !

MI4L: The title “Almas Sedientas de Magia” suggests a connection to mystical or magical themes. Can you elaborate on the thematic elements present in the album and how they contribute to the overall listening experience?

Renzo: It’s amazing how magic can happen, if you’re willing to see it. I experienced it and it’s beautiful.

MI4L: How do you approach the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and adapting to the evolving trends within the electronic music scene?

Renzo: I’m like a fish in water… I like to sail through different waters… Here we go!

MI4L: As an artist with a global reach, how do you perceive the current state of electronic music, and where do you see it heading in the future? Are there any particular trends or movements that excite you?

Renzo: Since I was in Europe, I started to enjoy melodic techno a lot. Can you imagine something like that with Peruvian elements? We’ll see what happens!

Pick up a copy of Renzo’s latest offering here.