No Parachute stands as the first electronic duo couple from Bucharest, Romania, consisting of the exceptionally talented Livia Andrei and Valentin Ilie. Their journey led them on a captivating 7-year trip around the world, during which they held residencies in prestigious venues across Dubai, UAE, and various other Middle Eastern countries. Now, they proudly establish themselves as the founders of the SPIRIT concept (an ethnic boho experience party concept).

Their latest single arrives as part of The Sonic Discoveries EP which brings together some of Scorpios new artists and residents onto one record, one that takes listeners on a journey across different soundscapes, moods and tones, simultaneously transcendent and dancefloor friendly.

With the release out now, we asked No Parachute to put together a playlist of their favorite cuts.

“Rez” by Underworld

This track felt like stepping into a sonic universe where time stands still. It has been a constant companion, echoing the heartbeat of our creative journey, urging us to explore the depths of sound and emotion. I remember the first time we heard it, it was during a late-night drive through the city, and its hypnotic energy seemed to synchronize perfectly with the rhythm of the streets, fueling our excitement and sparking new ideas.

“Porcelain” by Moby

Listening to “Porcelain” is like revisiting a cherished memory; it wraps you in nostalgia and warmth. Its gentle melodies have been a guiding light, where music can speak directly to the soul. We played this track during a sunset beach party with friends in Romania, on the sea side in Constanta and as the music washed over us, it felt like time stood still, and for that moment, everything was perfect.

“Knights of the Jaguar” by DJ Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic Mix

From the moment we played it for the first time we imagined a vibrant festival where later on we had the opportunity of using it in our set in Mauritius, at one of our most cherished memory and first gig as No Parachute. Its good energy and Latin flair have made us infuse our own creations with a spirit of celebration and joy.

“Metanoia” by No Parachute with P. Rivas

As the current favourite and latest release, this one represent the culmination of our work so far. Its hypnotic blend of melodies and beats feels like a deep musical journey stirring something profound within us. This track resonates with our current state of mind, encouraging us to embrace change, growth and self-discovery. It’s the kind of music that speaks directly to our hearts, reminding us that every twist and turn in life is an opportunity for transformation and renewal.

“Tel Aviv to Casablanca” by Pablo Fierro

Brings us back to Dubai, like embarking on a transcontinental journey of musical discovery. Its hypnotic rhythms and lush melodies blend the cultural influences of two vibrant cities, creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with the soul. This track captures the essence of travel and exploration. It’s a song that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the universal language of music, reminding us that no matter where we come from, we can all find common ground in the rhythms of the world.

“Windowlicker” by Aphex Twin

Every time we listen to it, it’s like being on a rollercoaster ride of sonic surprises. Its unpredictable twists and turns have made us appreciate the beauty of embracing the unexpected in our music, inviting listeners on a thrilling adventure with each track. I remember stumbling upon this track during a late-night exploration of underground music and its quirky charm instantly captivated us, showing the limitless possibilities of electronic music.

“Feel My Needs” by Weiss

We always pay tribute to original House vibes in our sets. This catchy groove and uplifting melodies offer a sense of joy and liberation, like dancing your worries away. It’s the kind of track that gets us moving, shaking off the stress of the day and embracing the moment with a smile on your face.

“We Dance Again” by Black Coffee feat. Nakhane

Its seamless fusion of emotion and rhythm serves as a constant reminder for us to infuse our music with passion and vitality. This track holds a special place in our hearts, as it accompanied us during a transformative journey to North Africa, where the vibrant culture and rhythms ignited our passion for music, shaping our creative approach ever since.

“Somebody’s Story” by Solomun

Like stepping into the pages of a stranger’s life. Its haunting melody and evocative lyrics draw you into the depths of their experiences—their triumphs, their struggles, and their moments of pure bliss. We found solace in its melancholic beauty during a challenging period in our life, offering a sense of comfort and understanding in times of need and inspiring to keep moving forward with hope and courage.

“Hey Now” by London Grammar (Sasha Remix)

Sasha is one of Livia’s favourite dj and producer.This track resonates with the quiet moments of reflection and meditation, where the music becomes a soothing balm, offering a sanctuary of serenity in a chaotic world. It’s a song that transports us to a state of deep calm and tranquility, where time seems to stand still and the worries of the day melt away into the ether.