Since debuting on mau5trap with their enigmatic debut “TWIN FLAMES” featuring Lana Scolaro, mysterious producer SVNF8 has swept the dance floor with intoxicating techno soundscapes. Never failing to hypnotize with an infusion of industrial elements and raw groovable excellence, SVNF8 stuns yet again with their return to the renowned deadmau5 imprint, “Never Ever.” SVNF8’s “Never Ever” is available worldwide now via mau5trap.

Emanating cloak-and-dagger prowess with steep basslines and a flurry of hauntingly infectious synths, “Never Ever” opens with an alluring frenzy of pulsating basses peppered with mystical vocals. Swiftly melting into a brief wash of uplifting chord progressions, the tune is revived with magnetic intensity as driving basslines and layered reverberations whirr. Brimming with an exotic display of captivating thematicism, “Never Ever” joins SVNF8’s roster of rousing techno releases.

“The year 2020 brought immense trials and tribulations for people all over the world; however, it also gave all of us a profound appreciation for the things that truly matter. As a result, when I was creating ‘Never Ever,’ I wanted to connect with listeners on a deeper level and balance my aggressive and progressive sound with a vocal that uplifts the listener; because no matter what we all go through, there is still beauty among the darkness.” – SVNF8