Swiss producer/DJ Vanita turned heads in 2019, and is well underway with this years plan to continue that run of fine form with a number of releases across well respected labels. Today marks the release of her ‘Call Of Niburu’ EP on Heinz Music, we caught up with her earlier this month to discuss the collection in greater detail.
To get things started, what three words best describe your music.
Alternately, melodic, forward.
What sort of music did you experience when growing up? How do you feel this has affected the music you make today?
My mother had a lot of records from the 80s. The synthesizers from that time have influenced me a lot. I try to work with synthesizers in my tracks as often as possible.
Your new release ‘Call Of Niburu’ drops on Heinz Music. Can you tell us a bit about how you went about making this record?
The process is usually always the same. I sit in the studio and start tinkering. It automatically leads me in one direction. I also wanted to do something with a vocal, so I started working with Kieran Fowkes and with a sample for the track ‘Tonight’. The track ‘Call Of Nibiru’ should be a journey, a bit playful and melodic. Which is also my favourite of this EP.
Which track from the release would you say has been best received at your gigs?
The track ‘Tonight’, always goes down very well.
What drew you towards releasing on Heinz Music? Why does it make such a good home for your sound?
I really like the variety of the releases on Heinz Music. In any case, not everything sounds the same. Between Melodic House & Techno you can also find Progressive House or Afro House. On my release you can listen to three completely different tracks.
Who would be your dream b2b and why?
Innellea. His productions are sensational. His choice of sounds for the sets is always a surprise.
What do you have lined up for the rest of the year?
In April there will be another release on hive audio. Also three remixes are planned. In any case it won’t be boring, because a lot of new tracks are already finished.
And finally, what advice would you give to a brand new producer DJ who is starting out?
Produce what you like and stay true to yourself. Develop yourself further and never give up. In addition, you should perhaps not fix yourself too strongly in one direction and be open for new things.
Pick up your copy of Call Of Niburu here.