UK techno talent BEC has made big moves recently, but none are as big as starting her own new label. It kicks off with a big four track EP that shows off all the studio skills and mastery of groove she has nailed down since emerging.

There is no mucking about right from the off. Downwards Spiral takes you deep into a rabbit hole with trippy synths and incessant vocals next to razor sharp hi hats. The chunky, macho sound design continues with the bulky drums and fat bass of Maximal Minimal, which will get any club locked into the groove and keep it there. Time Illusions ups the ante with a more ravey, melodic, euphoric air to it as the groove hurries along at a forceful pace. Last of all the brilliant Some Feelings has synths that really bring a sense of end of the world tension to the marching, militant drums. It’s a powerful end to a massive EP.

Download your copy now at Beatport