Just something simple that sounds like his music, and, needless to say, something that sounds just like him… Frédéric Alvernhe has made a career that is part and parcel of his personality. After severals releases on historic labels of the techno scene (KMS records, Harthouse …) this DJ composer-producer comes up a remix of ‘Milky Way‘ from the legendary Aurora Borealis, a new analog live-act and another alias Ardan Bel to produce a deeper and emotional sound. His label and Studio Manakacha set up with few European friends ten years ago, have featured Humantronic, Sarah Goldfarb and MIDI for their debut EP, Some highly specialized material indeed, but miles away from a passing fad.

We got a chance to peep inside Humantronic’s studio to see where and how he creates this unique, and magical sound.


1. Korg MS20

No need for introduction for this legendary synth, it’s the very first analog synthesizer that I’ve used. It was in all my first productions No MIDI by the time, so I had to record everything live and then edit the parts in Cubase. Now it has a little friend with the Korg Sq1 step sequencer.

2. Eventide Harmonizer Pitchfactor

I love to put the monophonic synths throught it to create pads and chords. There’s a lot of it on my releases on KMS records.

3. RME Fireface 800

The heart of the studio. Never bored of this soundcard after all these years, I just love it. 

4. Arturia Minibrute

I use it all the time in both studio and live. The noise oscillator and the brute factor are game changer in the sound.  You can hear it in most of my latest productions and my remix of The Milky Way. 

5. Genelec 8040A

I’ve been in a lot of different studios, testing a lot of monitors and these ones are good to me. I’ve found my sound with them. 


Milky Way is out 7/17/2020 on Electronic Griot



Turn it up & enjoy!