In our latest ‘In The Studio’ feature, we link up with Frappe co-founder Basile de Suresnes to get a glimpse into where he creates his deep disco-house magic.

“Hi Guys, I’m Basile de Suresnes, a glitz and glamour amateur with a special fondness for disco balls. I’m a french DJ and producer, and the cofounder of the Frappé label. We are currently releasing our third EP : Jtekken 3.  I started DJing 7 years ago in Paris with Ten Fingerz who was my “vinyl master” and my partner in crime. Then, 4 Years ago I decided to produce my own music and I started to release free demos on Soundcloud.  In 2020 we launched with Ten Fingerz the Frappé label, passionate about electronic music and its French ways, inhabited by the energy of the dancefloor and motivated by the desire to produce artists with a rare sense of groove and a signature sound.”

1. Korg Minilogue + BOSS Digital Delay 8

The first synth I got is the Korg Minilogue, an analogic and polyphonic synth. I was looking for a polyvalent synth to make every types of sound (pad, bass, …) but easy to use ‘cause I was a noob. At this moment, I did not know so much about machines so I went to a music shop in Paris and I tried different ones. At first listen I knew It was gonna be a love storie. Since that moment, I’ve been using it for a lot of different things but mainly :

  • Basslines : I make midi basselines on Ableton and use the minilogue bass sounds and effects
  • Keys : I play Keys on the minilogue and add the BOSS DD8 (delay) to make a powerful rhythmic

2. Roland TB03 + BOSS Super Overdrive 1

How Could I do without an acid machine? I Could not.

I love the Roland TB03, easy to use, nice sound and much cheaper than the original one ! I do not make basselines with it but I use it as a tierce element to make my track sound rougher. I would lie if I told you that I knew exactly how it works and how we make patterns. I mean, I have never made the sound I want… I just play with the TB03 till I find a pattern I like and which fits with my track. Sometimes It takes hours and sometimes days…. Over the last weeks I have started adding a Boss Super Overdrive 1 on the TB03 and I swear… It’s incredibly badass !

3. Maschine MK3

I used to watch a lot of old school house music making vids where artists like Phil Weeks for example, chopped and used samples to make beats that have a lot of groove. They all worked on Akai MPC’s and I found really funny the way they did : record the original tapes on the MPC, slice it in samples, and make a beat via the pads. I think this workflow inspired me a lot in starting making music. I chose to buy a Maschine MK3 rather than a MPC cause It’s easier to use with the software and USB connection.  So I have two different workflows when I use samples : sometimes I make and deal with my samples directly on Ableton, or I use my Maschine like an MPC. I Also use this Maschine to build my drums and percs.

4. Roland JU06a

This is my lastest gear. I can still look at my father 10 years ago, asking me if I was interested with getting his old original Juno 106 synth… At this period, I was only playing guitar and I did not ever know what that piece was. He sold it. Today, that story drives me crazy ahah ! So I have bought that reissue (a mix of the Juno 106 and the Juno 60) to make long and space-sounding pads and strings. It’s like a toy, there is an ARP mode and a few effects, easy to use… I will see during the next weeks if I keep it or not.


Turn it up & enjoy!