GusGus return hot off November’s part one release with a highly-anticipated second installment follow-up album, Remixes Are More Flexible Pt. 2., featuring an original lead single ‘Out Of Place’, released earlier this month. Remixes Are More Flexible is out now across all digital and physical platforms.

Four months after the first installment of their two-part remix EP series, Icelandic duo GusGus is back with ‘Remixes Are More Flexible Pt. 2’, a re-imagining of their tenth studio album, 2018’s Lies Are More Flexible. Remixes from the release include a wide range of artists from a re-work by none other than GusGus member Biggi Veira himself, Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon), MINDSKAP, and a remix from Raxon that’s been a huge hit in the DJ circuit during the past year.

The second iteration of Remixes Are More Flexible boasts several imaginative re-works from some of techno and house music’s finest tastemakers. GusGus open with their lead single ‘Out Of Place’, an energetic romp full of ambient synths and subdued vocals that tweaks the track it’s based on, ‘No Manual’, in a concerted effort to entrance the listener with every beat. Barcelona-based Raxon follows this up with his adrenaline-pumping take on ‘Lifetime’, which serves as a relentlessly intense exploration of the thematic elements present in the original, essentially stripping it of its jovial tone in place of a more underground vibe. Raxon’s remix has particularly received a considerable amount of traction on the road as well, raising the attention and bolstering the support of several major well-known artists. The Portuguese DJ and producer MINDSKAP’s remix of ‘Don’t Know How to Love’ shifts the direction of the album to an even darker place, upping the anté in terms of scope and transforming the original track into a techno-laden behemoth.




Artist: GusGus, MINDSKAP
Title: Remixes Are More Flexible
Release Date: 2020-03-20




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor