Omni’s is a new label that starts with some high quality grooves from INVU featuring four fresh house tunes. This life long music lover also runs the Vibe Material label and has a big following for his inventive sounds.

Opener Mon Daze (I Can’t See) is a slick and atmospheric tune from the off, with shuffling drums and a nice lead synth that bubbles up through the mix. McKennanism then gets more lively, with a colourful bassline and late night sense of groove. The whole thing then erupts on a bumping kick pattern that will blow up the club.

All My Love is a darker, more tech leaning tune with fiery vocals and a real sense of kinetic energy that builds and builds and keeps you locked. What You Want closes out the EP with more well designed drums and synths that take you on a trip.

These are four more timeless tunes from INVU.

All My Love is out 10/02/2020 on Omni


Artist: INVU
Title: All My Love
Label: Omni
Release Date: 2020-10-02


Turn it up & enjoy!