Toronto’s very own music producer – Guyus Grey composes electronic music to be enjoyed on the dancefloor and at home, with his sounds inflicting ‘crazy life moments’ throughout his performances and on his Downpour Recordings imprint.

Guyus Grey has been supported by the likes of Jamie Jones, Gorgon City and Darius Syrossian and has celebrated a string of successes over the years, including being listed on Beatport’s Top 100 Techno releases at No.32 with his EP ‘Sword of Stone’.

We caught up with Guyus to hear about his upcoming projects over the winter months, favorite venues for performances and his latest EP – ’91’.

Thanks for speaking to us Guyus, could you tell us what you are up to currently? Are you locking in studio time as we come into the winter months or are you preparing for a live performance or DJ gig? 

Hey MI4L, it is an absolute pleasure. Thank you very much for having me speak with you here.

I am always locked away in one studio or another writing new tunes, playing with fresh sounds or composing original content. That is part of the ethos of Guyus Grey. 

My winter is scheduled to be similar, with maybe an across Canada adventure just to see this beautiful country of mine and to get inspired on some new musical pieces or stories to tell.

Over the last few years we’ve seen a flurry of releases from you on Downpour, with such an impressive catalogue building do you plan to release an album, have a label night or have any similar label projects lined up?

We’ve got some exciting things lined up for Downpour in the near future. One being a series of Episodic EP releases from myself, whereby I bump a new EP out every other month or so with music and images that all connect together to tell a bigger story, the way a TV series or Cinematic Universe would work. (That’s what my logo character image and brand images are alluding to.)

From there I do plan on compiling an album and putting together some Guyus Grey branded content, such as t-shirts, stickers, rolling papers, etc, with the Guyus Grey image printed onto it. Along with some short science fiction stories to read and enjoy with the music too. 

I find inspiration through a plethora of things. From science, to politics, art, business and all sorts of universal cultures. I like to think of myself as a man of many worlds and try to draw in as much as I can from everywhere to build content that can be relatable to anyone and everyone who experiences it. 

Right now I have become highly influenced by the events from history and the various crazy characters it has brought us over the years. This year I have been having an inspirational stint with English, Canadian and American military history, which has been a driving factor in my sound. March to the Sea, off my ‘91 EP, was entirely inspired by and dedicated to a famous military march, and subsequent series of decisive battles from the 1860s. 

There are a handful of important people in my life that I drive inspiration from. For example, my brother founded a lifestyle beverage brand that aims to combat single-use plastic bottled water. It’s called Cycle Water; the guy doesn’t stop working on it, and it’s for worthy cause. It’s beyond inspiring to see and has enabled me to work more diligently on my own projects.

Sam the Record Man in Toronto, Canada

Could you tell us how the music scene has developed over the last few years in Toronto? Are there any particular venues that you love to check out for new music? Or record shops you like to dig in?

Toronto’s arts and entertainment scene is one of the best in the world in my opinion. We are a massive multicultural hub and have become one of the global forces behind modern pop culture. From what I can see and from what I hear/ am a part of, there is so much quality music from so many different artists as well as genres coming out of this city. 

It’s really cool to experience and in my own way be a part of. There isn’t one club or record shop I would say is the be all end all of where to go in my opinion because everyone everywhere in this city keeps whatever you go out to experience really fresh.

What would you say are your top five releases this year so far? Are there any specific records released on Downpour or any other labels that you keep to hand for the next gig or does your selection change quite readily throughout a year?

Honestly, this year I actively decided to dive back to rock from the 70s-90s and metal from the early 2000s for my listening pleasure. So I would be a little naive in giving a ‘my top 5 releases from 2019’ answer as most of the music I have been listening to this year has been tracks from a few decades ago. I love the raw old school sound that powers those records. 

But yes, my selection does change readily throughout the year. I do not like keeping things too much of the same and find enjoyment in switching up sounds or styles to keep things fresh for me. 

Your latest release ’91’ features some catchy vocal stabs and analogue sound samples, when producing a track in the studio do you have a go-to piece of equipment? Do you lay down a rhythm or a melody first?

Ahhh, my friends, as much as I would love to give a detailed explanation of my creative process and all that goes into my writing of a track, a good magician never reveals his secrets.

With the music you produce, are you looking to capture a certain feeling for your fans to experience? Are there elements from outside of the club environment which you find influences your compositions?

The intent behind each track I compose is to take my listeners on a deeply satisfying journey and an unforgettable adventure though each of the sounds they are experiencing. There is never one specific feeling or emotion I hope to convey to my fans and audience other than that. 

As stated above, I find most of my influences and inspirations are pulled from none-club related places, such as history or science, etc. I have always felt there is only so much one can do when writing music strictly for the club or influenced completely by the club. 

Yes, the goal with my sound is to make people dance and feel sexy, but it is to also simultaneously make you think and get lost on an adventure with me while you listen to the tracks. Be it in the club, on your way to work, whilst with ones lover or simply chilling alone at home with a drink or blunt in hand. 

What can we expect from you over the next few months? Do you have any forthcoming projects, exciting winter festivals or anything you’d like to mention?

With the exception of my Episodic EP series and followed album, as well as some potential travels and adventures, there is not much I have lined up for my music life. 

I manage several other projects outside of music and I actively engage in as many industries or businesses as I can. The focus for 2020 will be spent on learning new skills dedicated toward the beginnings of me consolidating of each of the life facets I operate and study in. 

Without getting into too much detail and revealing too much of my plans at that, let me just say my recent stint with military history has inspired me to begin a greater adventure with my career and life at large. One, which in due time, with a bit of luck and God willing, will enable all I create and work with to be effectively tied together into something really special for my fans and followers. 

That’s really exciting to hear and we will definitely be keeping an eye out for your next project. Thanks for catching up with us and we can’t wait to hear from you again soon!

 Guyus Grey ’91’ EP on Downpour Recordings is out now.

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