It’s a glorious 420, Lovers! To help us celebrate in puff-ect fashion, we’ve enlisted the assistance of dirtybird young gun that has been bumpin’ the blazin’ booty jams — Ardalan! This eclectic mixture of bass heavy house music and throwback hip-hop will surely provide the ideal soundtrack while you kick back during the holiday.

G-Love Mixtape Vol.03 featuring Ardalan

* CLICK HERE if you do not see the SoundCloud player.


For all the all our Lovers heading to Detroit for Movement this Memorial Day weekend be sure to check out Ardalan rockin’ the stage with Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, and J.Phlip for the dirtybird party at The Fillmore Sunday May 24. MORE INFO 

Quick Chat with Ardalan:

Who inspires you?
My family, friends, and the bay inspire me. My roommate Justin and my friends Sep and Michael musically inspire me.

What jam gets all the ladies on the floor?
The VIP version of Function by me and Justin Martin has been quite effective.

When you dig playin’ the most – day or night?
I love both. But the day time is always a treat. Especially when it is outdoor.

Where is Ardalan in 2020?
I hope I’m still here doing what I’m doing and making everyone happy.

Why you so G?
Hehe! Am I? I guess because I drive a Volvo.

How do you make all dem hot tracks?
With some sweet jam and butter.

Sup with this mix?
This mix be cray. I wanted to go everywhere with all the old school gangsta funk and house I used to listen to in high school. Also new stuff on there. Pretty much a 420 friend party mix.


Cheers and Happy 420, ya’ll!