Dilate Records brings to you SAAND for their 14 release. Dance Spirit (Supernature, Culprit LA) & Clayton Steele (No.19) on the remixes complete this outstanding release. SAAND uses a unique style of production combining his very own live percussion, with a dark futuristic sounding bass pattern. The true vibe of the track is created along with haunting but subtle effects and drops in all the right places to keep the track fresh from start to finish. Dance Spirit deliver a stellar and enchanting remix, taking bits and pieces from the original, and bringing it to the next level by adding a haunting violin. Clayton Steele uses all his knowledge from pre releases on labels such as Art Departments No.19 imprint to create another masterpiece. He uses individually hand picked sounds and clever reverbs on effects to bring the track to life. Each track puts you perfectly inside the mysterious world of the Dilate Records artistic collection yet again.


Artist:  SAAND
Title:  0.14
Label:  Dilate Records
Catalog No.:  DR014