On March 22nd, Montreal’s Fred Everything will release his ‘No Way Home’ album on his very own Lazy Day Recordings. ‘No Way Home‘ are the very tracks which didn’t make it onto his album last summer ‘Long Way Home,’ so the producer decided to release the records which had been left behind… those who didn’t make it home. We caught up with Fred as he shared some insight on the new album, collaborations, and more!

You’re about to release your next album ‘No Way’ Home, on March 22nd. Tell us what new surprises are on the track-list? Any new artists you’ve collaborated with for this version?

Except for the new remixes of ‘Space Time’ by Atjazz and ‘Palma’ by Ilija Rudman, no new collaborations have been made. They are all coming from the same recording sessions as my album.

When deciding on which artists to collaborate with, do you find that you typically navigate towards friends who are also producers, rather than seeking out an artist you haven’t worked with before? Do you find that these collaborations almost take place quite organically?

I have to have a personal relationship with the people I work with. I’m just very lucky to have extremely talented friends. For example, Atjazz and I have been close friends since 1998. Ilija, I met on my recent trips to Croatia and we kept in touch. I have reached out to people I don’t know before and it ended up working out, but it only works out if the personal vibe is good between us.

‘I have to have a personal relationship with the people I work with. I’m just very lucky to have extremely talented friends.’ 

 You released ‘Long Way Home’ last summer, which was an ode to you returning back to Montreal after living in San Francisco for 8 years. What does ‘No Way Home’ represent?

The title came from my designer for the project, Baillat. When I told him I had a second album of alternative takes ready, he gave me an alternat design of the album with the title ‘No Way Home,’ which I liked. It simply means the versions that didn’t make it home, on the final project.

 ‘No Way Home’ features 12 tracks this time around, with many different versions including dub mixes, instrumental, guitar dub, and remixes. It may be difficult, but which 3 tracks off ‘No Way Home’ are your top 3 favorites?

Atjazz’s remix of ‘Space Time‘: This is pretty much a new song now. Its got such class an elegance.

Silver Light‘ feat. Jinadu (Original Dub): This was the original idea for the album version. I ended up switching it last minute but always liked the Original as well.

Something‘ (Ambient Version): I love ambient/electronic music. A lot of my tracks start that way or I sometimes like to mute the drums together to let the instruments shine more.