Brothers BEAUZ have unveiled the video for ‘Rave Game’ their latest EP RAVE GAME via Fabled Records. The duo have worked with labels such as Monstercat, Ultra, Spinnin’Records, Armada Music since their inception a few years ago.

In 2021, BEAUZ joined China’s hit survival show Youth With You Season 3 as promising trainees.  As first electronic music DJ duo ever participated in the show, they performed their original song Heartbreaker on stage, which received countless support from fans, showcasing their recognizable voice and impressive singing skills. Through the show, they broadened their fan base and introduced electronic music to a bigger stage.

Later this year, the group won No.  1 DJ group of the year on Dj Mag China chart, which is celebrated by their fans all around the world.   Continuing the hard work, BEAUZ collaborated with Chinese female super star Nineone for their up-and-coming album, on the single Treat It Like. It’s no doubt BEAUZ will surprise us with more exciting news.


Watch video for EP lead single ‘Rave Game’ HERE


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