Andromo and Jared Love, two Vancouver-based artists, unveil their latest electronic music release, “Crows Nest,” under the label Rainforest Music. As part of a special series spotlighting talent from the Pacific Northwest, this deep house production captures listeners with its intricate layers and infectious beats. Anchored by a groovy vocal sample, the track weaves together lush chords and shuffled hi-hats, creating a mesmerizing sound that invites audiences to immerse themselves in its rhythmic allure.
“Crows Nest” is the fifth collaboration between Andromo and Jared Love, solidifying their status as innovative forces within the local Vancouver electronic music scene. This release not only exemplifies their artistic synergy but also underscores Rainforest Music’s commitment to showcasing cutting-edge talent from the region. Andromo is currently working on a series of EPs to be released later in 2024.

“Crows Nest” is out May 17th!