Vancouver-based artist ANDROMO has proven himself to be one of the most musically-inclined and hardest working DJs out of El Salvador. His blend of driving percussion and alluring melodies will reach into your heart and absorb you entirely! On December 7, ANDROMO will unveil his brand new EP Day Attack, marking his first solo work on his very own Rainforest Music imprint. We had the opportunity to chat with ANDROMO about this stunningly, atmospheric EP, his upcoming gigs and what the music industry looks like around the world.

Congrats on the release of your new EP ‘Day Attack’. We understand this is your first solo release on your label Rainforest Music. What was holding you back from releasing earlier?

Thank you, I’m very excited about these two tracks. I sketched them earlier this year and I’ve been playing them for quite some months to test them out. I like to take my time to get the mix down right, tested in different sound systems and parties and check people’s reactions to the sound. It was right after summer that both made sense to release.

We heard this EP was inspired by some adventures in the Rainforest. Can you tell us more about those adventures?

Yeah sure. I travel every year to visit family in Central America and while I’m there, I take various trips and hikes to volcanoes, forests, beautiful beaches, and crater lakes. There are so many different nature sounds I love like the raindrops, thunder, birds, insects, little snaps and cracks that make unique harmonics and suddenly boom! They all blend perfectly with the music and ideas I have in my head. I like to call it ‘natural symphony’. I love spending days recording with my phone sounds that I later use in my tracks; ambience and one shots that give character to my music.

You’re based in Vancouver, but you were born in El Salvador. When did you make the move to Vancouver? What do you appreciate most about Vancouver?

I moved to Vancouver in 2015. This city is really beautiful and surrounded by nature and water. I can easily say that being able to ride my bike all over town is what I appreciate the most. There are special bike lines and the seawall that make it easier to move around and at the same time have a healthier lifestyle.

There are so many different nature sounds I love like the raindrops, thunder, birds, insects, little snaps and cracks that make unique harmonics and suddenly boom! They all blend perfectly with the music and ideas I have in my head. I like to call it ‘natural symphony’. 

What do you miss most about El Salvador?

Ceviche and micheladas! I’m a huge fan of seafood and how they prepare it in Salvadorian beach spots.

When you compare the two cities in terms of the music industry — local producers, venues, fans, work opportunities etc., how would you compare the scenes?

Vancouver has a bigger music industry than San Salvador. Vancouver has been producing artists and is home to amazing recording studios since the 50’s. Unfortunately, El Salvador has not had an economic growth for the last 15 years and as a result, it has slowed down the music culture in the city. Promoters are doing fewer parties and producers have fewer opportunities to get new gear. One thing they have in common, they both have a lack of venues to host electronic music shows. Vancouver has very expensive event licenses and strict bylaws that make it very difficult for more events to pop out in the city.

Tell us more about Rainforest Music. We understand it’s much more than just a record label — can you elaborate?

So before moving to Vancouver, Rainforest Music was an event producing company and promoting agency. We were responsible for bringing artists to El Salvador like Damian Lazarus, DJ T., Fur Coat, Andhim, and many more. There was a moment that we had one party every weekend with an international touring Dj. At the same time, we started a monthly podcast to help promote Dj’s that were visiting us and that had the sound we wanted people to relate with Rainforest Music.  I also created a team of designers, photographers, video editors, project managers and event staff that worked hard to make all these unique experiences happen. Now, we reduced the number of parties we do in a year and I’ve directed our efforts and attention towards the music label. 

You’ve had the opportunity to play many of the “meccas” when we think about cities where electronic music thrives — Berlin, Munich, New York, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and more. Based on your personal experiences, which cities do you feel have the most comprehensive climate for this industry?

The city that has the most comprehensive climate for this industry would be Berlin. It’s where you will have a closer relationship with artists and professionals involved. Also, many of the online platforms we use to sell music have their headquarters in Berlin. But, Mexico and Argentina are to always be watched.

Besides this EP – tell us what you’ve got going on right now!

For the next weeks, I have a gig for my monthly residency at Gorg-o-mish here in Vancouver and I’m super excited to play for my first time in Toronto. Also, I got a gig coming up in Seattle for New Year’s day and for Ocaso Music Festival in Costa Rica January 3rd.

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