Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston are the latest to step up to the Motor Music label with new single Antidote, which is a perfectly driving bit of vocal deep house. Antidote is the followup release to their recent remix of Claptone’s single “Beautiful” on Different Recordings which had huge success and support. It’s also the first single from their upcoming full length album, “No Time to Explain”.

Hailing from New Zealand, Murmur Tooth (Leah Hinton) is a metal guitarist, classical pianist & singer/songwriter whose musical background somehow combines perfectly with Lars Moston’s house sound, which has moved dancefloors from Fusion Festival to Tomorrowland.

There is a gorgeous sense of late summer romance to this single thanks to the aching vocal that is catchy, airy, effortless. The drums are warm and soul flecked, and the chords are filled with nostalgia. All in all it makes for a heartfelt tune with driving drums that will get any sized crowd swaying their arms and smiling broadly.

Says Leah & Lars “Antidote is about finding home and finding the things that make you happy to be alive. It’s hopeful and optimistic. We actually wrote the song in the middle of winter during the first Berlin lockdown, but we were having a great time just hunkering down making music, and this joy really comes through in the song – it sounds like summer!”

Then comes the Dompe Remix which is a warm, deep house cut with chunky drum loops and rich chords that circle up to a cosmic sky with a real melodic joy. Last of all is the Intaktogene Remix with its big taught drum kicks and forlorn vocals. Neat guitar riffs add dreamy details next to the angelic coos and it’s a soothing soulful sound.

Dompe: “Antidote is a super catchy tune with a lot of hit potential. When I heard it for the first time, I immediately felt like doing something with it even though I really didn’t have much time but I love a challenge!”

Intaktogene: “My musical roots lie far far away from electronic music, which is why you can find ‘real’ instruments or sounds in all of my tracks. So when this beauty with real guitars and vocals came along I didn’t have to think twice whether I wanted to do a remix. It has so many intricate layers which made it really fun to work with. (Everything that’s in my remix actually came from the original – apart from the drums).”

Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston have cooked up some real magic here.




Artist: Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston
Title: Antidote EP
Label: Motor Music
Release Date: 2022-10-07




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor