Followed by the renowned producers AUTOFLOWER, Obozov and The Khitrov, they make the 199th release from Maxxim’s label

The Brazilian producer delivers his 9th track for La Mishka. “We Are Just Lost” reinforces the productive ties between Fel C and Maxxim‘s label, which invited AUTOFLOWER, Obozov and The Khitrov to deliver two more versions. In the first reinterpretation, AUTOFLOWER delivers a slightly faster track, augmented by melodies, while the collaboration between Obozov and The Khitrov proposes deeper and hypnotic textures.

Fel C has been delivering impressive releases this year, completing the 4th one. “Lost Contact With Mothership” through Natura Viva, the Your Moral Way EP by Transensations Records and the Trust No Sad History EP by Gluten Free Records are previous consistent releases — and you can check out some of them in the fresh mix available below.


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by Isabela Junqueira