[New Release]  Dikso Records are back with another incredible release featuring various artists and displaying their amazing talents in this latest release, Super Sound Single Volume 8.  Already making their mark in the dance world with a number of great hits, Dikso has easily gained recognition for being a label that is known for bringing that sweet and  smooth disco house sound.  With their newest release they call to the likes of Larse, Daniel Solar, Satin Jackets, and Shur-I-Kan, who all deliver with top choice selections.

‘In Love’ by Shur-I-Kan is a handsomely golden nu-disco track with a charming vibe and a positive feel.  Larse’s track ‘Tonite’ is another slice of disco heaven.  With its funky up tempo feel and up full vibe, this one is sure to get many bodies moving.  Daniel Solar’s ‘Burning Up’  is a slice of pure sweetness with its big bass, new age retro feel, and fashionable vocals.  ‘Never Say Never’ by Satin Jackets is a silky smooth jam with R&B essence and a jive about it that gets you strutting.

This is another great release from Dikso Records and a great showing from all the artists.  Dikso has become a label known for making some sweet music and their latest record is a testament to that.  I can’t wait to see what else this great label has in store for the future.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Super Sound Single Volume 8
Label:  Dikso Records
Catalog No.:  DIKSOF010

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