[New Releases]  Neim is most certainly a label making waves in the dance world.  Their hard and heavy hitting sound has been sweeping dance floors worldwide.  For their latest release they bring back a personal favorite track of mine, ‘As U’ by Tboy, and give us 3 amazing new remixes which are sure to set things off.  With The Midnight Perverts, Sean Roman, Flavio Acaron, and Hugh Harry all on remix duty, this record is sure to be solid gold.

Sean Roman delivers with a hard hitting, bass heavy track that pays great tribute to the original in a stunning version that is sure to set dance floors ablaze.  The Midnight Perverts also brings it with an incredible slowed down, percussion led monster that has a full sound with deep grooves.  Flavio Acaron and Hugh Harry join forces and come up with a delightfully dark remix with a light acid style and eerie vibes.

Another success from Neim, they just keep bringing us the best in dark and heavy dance music.  A great group of remixes to an already incredible song, we can’t wait to see what Neim has up their sleeve next.


Artist:  Tboy
Title:  As U Remixes
Label:  Neim
Catalog No.:  NEIM020

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