[Release] There’s a reason people love Latins so much … they’re damn sexy. The deep house that has been coming up from South of the Border this past 2012 has been enchanting and enticing. They just get it. Plain and simple. Their culture alone is just so much more sensual, and it comes through in their music and style. 2012 has been a huge year for deep house, and the Latins, most notably the Mexicans, have really made their mark.

Dialtone Records, imported from the sultry beaches of Cancun, Mexico, is a big part of that and this year they celebrate 7 years of sublime sounds with some of their deepest and dopest releases to date. Dialtone celebrates with a 7 years 16 track Various Artists compilation that has a loaded line-up of serious taste and talent. Although the artists may not all be Mexican, Dialtone chose their tracks to represent their 7 years of glory. If these tracks profess to embody all that is Dialtone past, present, & future, it is more than divine and we are in love.

To play favorites on an album loaded with so much sweet sweet goodness is pretty damn hard, but, there are a few that stand out for me personally … First things first, with a title like ‘My Love’ it’s inevitable to not be infatuated. The track comes to us from a collaboration between Vegas kings Spacebyrdz & Justin Baulé and San Diego’s Sir Jon Dadon, aka King D aka Head Honcho at Mi4L & Lovelife. The steady dirty percussion beat laced with playful teasing synths and seductive male vocals has me hooked. 

‘With You’ by Dialtone lead man Christian Orlo and ‘Fall Down’ by The Wize Guys are two top favorites and for similar reasons, they both have bold booty dropping basslines laced with R&B-esque sexy powerful female vocals and topped off with tantalizing rising synths. Dirty rough basslines, distant rhythms, and unkempt male vocals make ‘Remeber’ by We Are Cassandre & ‘The Spirit’ by Johnny Hopkinson top picks as well.

The album opener, ‘We Should Be Swimming’ by Max Chapman is a dreamy tune to set the mood right, reverbed vocals a la Pink Floyd and inquisitive playful tones make this track a head trip. Taking it  up with groovy happy deep tunes, Elextra drops ‘Dirty Talk’ in which we are loving the 80s-esque male vocals and keeping on the happy trip Sam BK produces a sweet lil tune aptly titled ‘So In Love’. Also riding on the happy 80s vibes, David Garfit keeps it funky with Closet Freak.

Dromme and Mark Jenkyns bring it in on ‘Not Exclusive’ and ‘Mash Appeal’ with that hard hitting bassline and distorted vocals and rough vibes, both tracks perfect for the height of the night to rile things up. Taking it a little weird, dark, twisted, and just the way I like it Kiernan Andrews takes it to the strange side with eerie vibes on ‘Downtown’ and Cosmic JD keeps it grimy a la Lee Curtis in ‘Body Twitch’ with sleazy vocals and vibes, both top picks for taking it to the strange side. Keeping on that deep and eerie vibe, Paul Mad wins my heart with ‘Side A’, everything from the bassline to the ominous entrancing deeeeeep male vocals, love love love. Keeping it hard hitting Andre Salmon throws out a heater of a track with foot stomping ‘I Know You’ll Be There’. Closing out the album, Alex Galvan & Rodrigo Rivera keep it sexy with a classic deep booty bouncing bassline and sexy female vocals.


Overall, a supremely sublime release from Dialtone! Endless congrats and endless gratitude for 7 years worth of blissful beats, we are more than excited to see what the future holds for this Mexican powerhouse. Absurdly amazing work from all artists involved on this collaboration.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: 7 Years
Label: Dialtone Records
Release Date:  December 19
Catalog: DT079




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