[Release]  One thing Noir knows is music, and with his other label, NM2(Noir Music 2), he releases some of the infest and deepest tunes to tantalize you. It is no wonder why this man’s selections and releases are so well respected. He brings on Affkt who so nicely drops 2 house gems alongside some great remixes from Tom Flynn and Markus Homm.

‘Sloth’ is a new era classic. Diving deep into that sexy nu disco sound while pulling elements from acid and other genres, this track has it all and is of pure class.  Markus Homm gives us his pumped up classic techy house sound which keeps you grooving long into the night. ‘Krooblyn’ is a beautifully unique and delectable track with its enchanting melody, uplifting vocals, and positive groove. Tom Flynn goes dark and techy and showcases his bassy industrial style that has been becoming very prevalent.

A record that keeps things sexy, deep, and most of all fresh, Noir Music never fails to deliver.


Artist:  Affkt
Title:  Lights & Shadows
Label: NM2
Catalog No.: NMW020A

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