[New Release] Another great release on Rebellion, Crosstown Rebels little brother, this time coming from Aidan Lavalle. A haunting, late-night collection, Get Yourself is harmonious to other Rebellion releases – i.e. Crosstown’s creepier, deeper, more experimental counterpart.

Lavalle lends his own vocals to the EP, adding to his already impressive repertoire of talents. On the title track, “Get Yourself,” his voice softly coos to “fly away” as pulsating, drawn-out synths, and staccato elements push the melody along. The next track, “Abyss,” is more urgent and hurried, but with similar elements driving the groove. This would be a great after hours mover, as dance floors open up to the strange and unusual. Closing up the EP is “Unreal,” in which Lavalle’s vocals really stand out. A chime-inspired melody makes itself prominent against a backdrop of cascading big-room pads.

Lavalle certainly impresses with this latest EP, particularly his output of unique sound in an otherwise saturated market of “deep house.” His use of interesting riffs, particularly as they collide and juxtapose with elements seemingly fit for other genres, make Get Yourself perfect for your late-night arsenal.


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