Family Piknik Music is the label associated with France’s foremost techno festival and Tom Pooks is the man behind it all. Here he returns with more fantastic music alongside cohorts Pontias and Time, with remixes from Bock & Fuchs, Joy Kitikonti and Quenum.


Red Castle opens up in sleek and futuristic fashion with some sleek synths that take you on a trip to the cosmos. Faces to Ashes then gets you all warm and fuzzy with its nice prog chords and rolling beats all hypnotising mind and body. Bock & Fuchs remix into something more edgy and arresting with bright and razor sharp synth loops making a big impact. Joy Kitikonti remixes then with a more patient vibe, slowly building in layers of synth as the techno rolls on. Last of all, the best of the lot comes from Quenum who remixes Faces to Ashes into a deep techno roller with plenty of majestic chords. This is another winning EP from all involved.


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